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About Us

We are a boutique consultancy focused on delivering custom data analytics and visualization solutions to businesses and organizations facing complex operational challenges.

We have decades of combined experience building data visualization and analytic solutions for multiple clients including multi-billion dollar companies, large government agencies, large nonprofits, and startups.

Our solutions have ranged from traditional enterprise applications to responsive rich web applications, to distributed “cloud” data systems, and employ a wide variety of software languages, frameworks, and deployment solutions.


We create visualization and analytic solutions to help decision makers understand complex connections between processes and components within their organization, and make better decisions about them.

We strive to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, leaning twoard augmenting rather than replacing. Our consultative process favors an iterative approach toward development allowing us to produce value quickly.

Some of Our Past and Current Work

Recent examples of client challenges we've developed solutions to address

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Scheduling, Visualization,
and "What-If" Analysis


Extract, classify, and identify key information within large unstructured data sets

Inventory Management

Predictive analytics for inventory optimization

Energy Use Profiling

Custom energy flow diagrams depicting consumption and production

Our Team


Herman Chu

Herman has more than a decade of experience building complex applicaions in Java and Python. He's an expert in Data Structures, Large Application Architecture. More recently he's become well versed in Hadoop and Big Data solutions, as well as Dev Ops and Virtualization technologies. Herman formerly served as lead developer for several high-profile custom Data Visualization applications for the US Air Force and US Navy. More recently, he has helped develop pricing analytics for large business proposals, and helped develop an interactive data visualization module for a large international energy company.


Greg Jennings

Greg is a data scientist and software engineer hybrid with more than a decade of technical leadership and client-facing experience developing analytics and data visualization software solutions. He formerly led a team of analyts and software engineers building data visualization solutions in the Analytics division of a major government contractor. More recently, he has consulted to a large nonprofit, a mature startup, and a large international energy company. Greg also served as a technical editor for the recent data science book, Data Smart, by John Foreman.

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